Pam's Surprise Cake   

In England, we would call this a "Trifle"


1 Angel Food Cake Mix

1 1oz. Vanilla Instant Pudding (no cook)

1 small can crushed pineapple

1 small can blueberries in juice (or bilberries)

1 cherry pie filling

1 small packet chopped pecans

1 packet (2 cups) Dream Whip



Mix and bake angel food cake as directed on box.  When it is completely cooled tear into pieces. Mix in a bowl vanilla instant pudding and set to the side.  Mix in a bowl dream whip and set it to the side as well.

In large bowl layer the following ingredients:

Angel Food cake pieces

Vanilla Instant pudding

can crushed pineapple

can blueberries

can cherry pie filling

1 cup of dream whip

of pecans

Start all over again layering with the remaining ingredients.  

Refrigerate then serve.  


*Note: juices can be used from the fruit to absorb into cake or drained as you please.  This makes quite a lot so be sure to use the appropriate sized bowl. This can also be almost sugar free by using the Cool Whip Lite (frozen) or Dream Whip with skimmed milk.  Pie filling, vanilla instant pudding, pineapple can all be sugar free.